1. Foam Colour


ASPAC® Floral Foam is specially designed and formulated to retain the fresh green colour not like other foams, which will easily lose colour and change brownish due to aging and caused by exposure to ultra-violet.


2. Water Absorption


ASPAC® Floral Foam has the excellent water absorption capacity, saturate instantly within 60 seconds and it could hold about 2.5 liters of water, due to its fine open cell structure. It high permeability feature increases the flowers’ ability draw water up to the stems (capillary action) and help keep flowers fresh, from wilting prematurely and last longer.


3. Water Retention


ASPAC® Floral Foam has the superb water retention power and act as a reservoir. It hold over 40 times its weight in water, and lowest water leakage. ASPAC® Floral Foam is designed with extra-holding power to keep flowers securely in place in any angle and the unique water retention capacity for feeding water to the fresh cut flowers.


4.pH Controlled


ASPAC® Floral Foam is manufactured at a controlled pH level at 7, which is most suitable for fresh cut flowers. The balance pH could prevent the flower stem burning and maximizing the life span of flowers.


5. Continuous Foaming Method


By using Continuous Foaming Method, ASPAC® guarantees consistency in foam quality. Outstanding quality in due, in part, to the advance technology and continuous R & D efforts. Whereas, other foam maker are still using the traditional Block Foaming method resulting with inconsistent in quality and produce inferior foam products.