What’s so great about ASPAC® foam ??? Why ASPAC® Your Prefered Choice of floral foam ?

Much has been said about ASPAC® foam— the only balanced pH floral foam that really make a difference to your flower arrangements. But exactly how great is it ????

 Choose smarter with Aspac® Floral Foam 

xx Foam       ASPAC®  Foam
Serious water drainage
A Variety of Designs with Multiple Density to meet every need
Easy & Convenient to use
Saves Time & labor
Effective Costing at Competitive Prices
Guarantees Consistent Foam Quality
Fine Cell Structure
Saturated Instantly & High Permeable
pH balanced to prevent stem burning (pH 7)
Excellent Water Absorption & Retention Capacity
xx Foam       ASPAC®  Foam
Flowers are prone to dehydration & wilting
Long-lasting Moisturizing Effect & revitalize your flowers
Lowest Water Drainage / Leakage
Low Friability & No Crumbling
Sturdy with High Holding Power
Keep flowers firmly in place in any angle
Versatile Usage
Dust Free
Environmentally friendly
Stop lamenting about ‘short life span of your floral arrangements and start choosing ASPAC® ‘s exclusive technology.

The open cell structure of ASPAC® foam has wicking or capillary action, which draws water to top of the foam. Due to the unique structure, it retains and ‘locks-in’ essential moisture to cut flowers. All the water lost to the air and sun is instantly replenish.

More than moisturized, the pH 6.5 , friendly to flowers, to prevent ‘stem burning’ and helping to prevent bent neck and premature wilting. ( The acidic foam will burn the stem and have caused the blockages in the vascular tissue of the cut stems.) Here’s, what ASPAC® foam can do for your flowers : deeply quenches your floral designs and secure flowers in place in any angle.

ASPAC® foam, the professional solution for flower design.

What is ASPAC® floral foam???

ASPAC® Floral Foam — By foaming resole into completely open cell material with crisp friability high water absorption, a unique phenolic foam products enjoys favorable acceptance as fresh cut flowers support or the base for floral arrangements.Floral Foam, also known as wet foam, phenolic foam, or water absorbent foam for the floral application. Floral foam must saturate water within 1 minute by floating freely in water and absorb 2000g , almost 2.5 liters of water. The crisp friability of the wet foam allows easy penetration of flower stem into the foam, and capture the floral arrangements in any angle. The unique feature also allows water quickly penetrates, in which deeply moisturize the foam and revitalize your flowers.